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Mäta oljekvalitet

OQD Mobile


Product Overview

The OQD Mobile (OQDm) app can be downloaded onto your Android device to enable communication with our OQD Express (OQDe) unit via Bluetooth. This allows you to easily check the readings from any OQDe within a 10m radius and download the logged data to further analysis.


Wireless Connectivity

Use your mobile phone to instantly connect by bluetooth to any OQDe, view and manage live data.

Live Data

Display and record real time oil condition.

Data Log Download

Download logged data for analysis or forwarding to colleagues by email.

Health & Safety

Allows operators to access data from active machinery at a safe distance.

Technical data

Produktnamn Mäta oljekvalitet OQD Mobile (OQDm)
Product code OQA-PC-7
Material Plastic housing with rubber frame
System requirements Operating System: Android 4.3 or higher
Processor: 1.2 GHz or higher
Bluetooth: Low energy 4.1 or higher
Display Oil Quality (Tan Delta Number)
Oil Temperature
Rate of Change (Condition/Time)
Status Indicator