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Product Overview

The Oil Quality Gateway (OQTg) has been developed to enable online monitoring and alerting of any asset a Tan Delta oil quality monitoring system is installed onto. Utilising Mobile Data, WiFi and/or Ethernet networks, the OQTg offers you multiple connectivity paths to our bespoke TDOnline monitoring service, enabling you to view the health status and location of your entire fleet of assets at click of a button. Enable custom alerts, dashboards, data logging, and more, using the OQTg.


System Integration

The OQTg can support 10 sensors simultaneously, and the cables can be varying lengths to ensure easy installation, integration and operation.

Connectivity to TDOnline

A data hub and dashboard view of monitored assets and alerts you to developing issues prior to any equipment damage or lost production. The interface is similar across desktop/tablet/smart phone views for ease of use.

Simple to Deploy

Allowing quick and simple installation on any piece of equipment whether brand new or being installed as part of a retrofit.

Industrial Quality

IP67 rated, suitable for installation in any harsh commercial or industrial environment.

Independently Tested

The OQTg has undergone rigorous independent testing to verify it’s outstanding performance in a wide variety of applications.

Technical data

Enclosure • Glass reinforced plastic
• Environmental protection to IP67 standard: full protection against dust and water.
• Dimensions: 149 x 135 x 58 mm
• Weight: aprox. 400g
• Connectors:
• FAKRA antenna connectors
• System connnector: TE 776163-1 (35 pins)
• microSD card slot
• Micro SIM slot
• USB host 2.0
Supports multiplexed communication, allowing GSM and SMS events during GPRS sessions.
• GSM850 + EGSM900 + GSM1800 + GSM1900
• Class 4 (2W) GSM850/EGSM900
• Class 1 (1W) GSM1800/GSM1900
• GPRS Class B, Class 10 (4+2)
• Audio and CSD Data calls
• Optional HSPA+ (3G) and LTE (4G) support
GNSS Positioning • Receiver: GPS L1 frequency. C/A code
• 56 channels* continuous tracker receiver
• GALILEO L1 openservice and GLONASS ready *
• Update rate: 4 Hz
• Accuracy: 2.5 meters CEP
• Signal Acquisition:
• Cold Start: 29 sec* Warm Start: 28 sec* Hot start < 1 sec Reacquisition < 1 sec Active Antenna Power Supply: +3.0V @ 30mA * Features availability depending on version.
Batteries • Standard backup battery for RTC. Duration 10 years.
• Optional rechargeable Battery Li-Ion 3.7V at least 2600mAh. Inserted via rear battery cover.
Power Supply Nominal range: 7V to 48V
System Specs & CPU • ARM Cortex A8 @800MHz clock speed
• Linux OS: Kernel 4.4
• RAM 512MByte DDR3
• NAND Flash 1GByte
• 32GB+ of additional storage with microSD card
Temp Range • Storage temperature -40oC to +85oC
• Operating with GSM off -40oC to +85oC
• Operating with GSM on – 30oC to +80oC
Operating Temperature -30ºC to +65ºC
Other • Ethernet 10/100 BaseT
• FAKRA antenna connectors
• Wifi 2.4GHz
• 1 year internal datalogging
• Support for 10 sensors
• Watchdog
• Ethernet 10/100